mandatory european clothing labels

Mandatory labeling of EU garments

In the European Union, labeling garments with composition information is mandatory according to Regulation (EU) No. 1007/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council. This regulation came into effect in 2011 and aims to ensure transparency for consumers regarding the composition of the garments they purchase.

Garment labeling is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it provides consumers with clear and concise information about the materials from which the product is made. This information can be used to determine if the material is suitable for their personal needs and preferences, if it is durable or sensitive to certain washing or wearing conditions, and if it can be recycled after use.

Additionally, labeling is important for protecting consumer health and safety. For example, consumers who have allergies or sensitivities to certain substances can check the label to see if the product contains those substances and avoid contact with them. Consumers can also be informed about the country of origin of the product and whether it was manufactured according to safety standards.

Garment labeling is regulated by the European Union to ensure consistency and quality of the provided information.

According to the EU regulation, labels must include the following information:

Name or brand of the manufacturer
Material composition
Country of origin
Care and maintenance instructions
Product size
Textile fiber names

Additionally, the label must be easily readable and understandable for consumers, using an appropriate font size and color, and placed in a visible location on the product.

In cases where the product contains substances considered hazardous or allergenic, they must be mentioned on the label and highlighted through special symbols. Furthermore, if the product is made from materials obtained from animals, such as wool or leather, the label must provide information in this regard.

In conclusion, garment labeling is essential to ensure transparency and safety for consumers regarding the products they purchase. The EU regulation regarding garment labeling ensures that consumers have access to important information about the composition and care instructions of the garments they buy.

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